The SDSU College of Engineering tutoring program is free to students and facilitated by the SDSU MESA program.  Tutors are SDSU students who have previously taken the course and earned a high letter grade.  

Tutoring approaches can vary based on the number of students present.  1-on-1, small group, virtual, and other tutoring approaches may be used, as decided by tutor, faculty, and staff. 

Courses offered are based on budget, tutor availability, room availability, SDSU Analytic Studies & Institutional Research data of high-need courses, impaction criteria, and department discretion for undergraduate engineering majors.


Interested in becoming a tutor? 
  1. and the Tutor Job Description,
  2. and then complete the Spring 2022 Tutor Job Application.



Tutoring Google Calendar

View the Google Calendar version for updates on specific dates (e.g. cancellations, holidays off, etc.)

Scheduling Tutoring with SDSU Navigate EAB

Students can schedule tutoring appointments* by either:

  • Clicking on the SDSU Navigate EAB Personal Availability Link (PAL) on the tutor's name on this webpage.
  • Logging in to SDSU Navigate EAB and using the Get Assistance button and selecting Tutoring, and then following the prompts to find a tutor or search for your course.
  • Clicking on the event description within the Tutoring Google Calendar to find the tutor's SDSU Navigate PAL.

Tutoring Program Flyers (PDF) (PNG)

Additional Help

For further assistance in STEM courses, visit:


 AE 200 Sara Herrera

Sara Herrera

AE 220 Jack Caron

Jack Caron

AE 220 Christine Tan

female silhouette

AE 280 Jennifer Hong

Jennifer Hong

AE 301 Max Dommers

max dommers

Civil engineering



COMPuter Engineering

COMPE 160 Courtney Chase

courtney chase

COMPE 271 Daniel Colmenarez

Daniel Colmenarez


Electrical engineering

mechanical engineering

ME 190 Manuel Aldana

Manuel Aldana

 ME 200 Sara Herrera

Sara Herrera

ME 350 Kamron Arvand

kamron arvand

ME 350 Dalaney Conte

dalaney conte



NFN Bhavana

nfn bhavana