College of Engineering Tutoring Program


The SDSU College of Engineering tutoring program is free to SDSU students and facilitated by the SDSU MESA program.  Tutors are SDSU students in good standing with the university and have previously taken the course and earned a high letter grade.  

Tutoring approaches can vary based on the number of students present.  1-on-1, small group, virtual, and other tutoring approaches may be used, as decided by tutor, faculty, and staff. 

Courses offered are based on budget, tutor availability, room availability, SDSU Analytic Studies & Institutional Research data of high-need courses, impaction criteria, and department discretion for undergraduate engineering majors.

The tutoring program does not share tutor contact information nor arrange private tutoring between tutors and any students.  For questions about the Tutoring Program, please contact [email protected].

Spring 2024

Each tutor will have a different start date depending on when they are cleared to work and their tutoring schedule.  In general, Spring tutoring is expected to begin in late January/early February. 

To view the Tutoring Schedule for a course, click on the course title link.  The link will open up a Google Calendar view, with the course tutoring session days, times, locations, and updates to sessions (such as cancellations). 

In-person tutoring is held in E216A (the Daisy Galeana & Theresa M. Garcia MESA Collaborative Annex) (view room calendar).  E216A is located within E16 (the Center for Student Success in Engineering).



Tutoring Program Graduate Student Assistant

AE 340

Fluid Mechanics

Amelia Chiavetta

Amelia Chiavetta

AE / ME 200


Jesus Lopez

Jesus Lopez

AE/ME 220


Jarred Druzynski

Jarred Druzynski


(e.g. AE 260, AE 341, ME 202, ME 495...)

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