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Whether you remember the program as the Minority Engineering Program, the Minority Science Program, the MESA Engineering Program, or the Maximizing Science Potential Program - the MESA Program at SDSU is now just one MESA.

MESA has long relied on organizations and individuals to help support our students in their success. This includes individuals like you.  As MESA alumni, we extend an invitation to you to get involved as follows: 


There are opportunities to volunteer as judges, proctors, and mentors for upcoming events.  We may communicate these to our alumni through our SDSU MESA Alumni Facebook group, LinkedIn, or other methods.

Share your story

Share your success stories, memories and enlighten MESA students about the environment they'll soon enter; whether it be industry or graduate school. Visit and speak to our students as a company rep, individual or panelist.


Keep us in mind when you hear about internships, research, scholarship opportunities and equipment/technology donations and funding opportunities. Especially within STEM companies.


Your donations helps sustain the program and further motivate STEM students from diverse backgrounds to continue towards their intended goal.


SDSU MESA is a part of the San Diego MESA Alliance (SDMA) which was established in 2000 and is the statewide model for intersegmental regional collaboration in mathematics, engineering, and science education for economically disadvantaged and underrepresented student populations.

The SDMA consists of the Imperial Valley and SDSU MESA college prep (which in turn serves numerous K-12 schools), and the San Diego City College and Southwestern College MESA programs.

The SDMA relies on the support of industry partners on the MESA Industry Advisory Board (IAB) to provide industry exposure and professional development opportunities for MESA students.

Industry partners contribute to the development of a diverse pipeline of future engineers and scientists. Learn more about collaborating with MESA and help the SDMA develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Meetings are generally held from 1:00 – 3:00 PM on the second Wednesday of alternating months (February, April, June, October, December), held at the company of the IAB chair (or via video conferencing).  The August meeting is traditionally held at our SDSU campus.  All are welcome! 

SDMA industry webpage

IAB Handbook

IAB meeting minutes archive

IAB meeting presentations archive

IAB meeting agendas archive




Volunteering as speakers, panelists, and hosting workshops at the 2013 MESA Statewide Student Leadership Conference. 


Volunteering as judges for the 2014 MESA Olympics & Robotics Competition.

2023 MESA Graduation Reception

Supporting MESA students at the 2023 MESA 40th Anniversary & Graduation Reception.




SDSU MESA Industry supporter of the year